3rd Lair President talks About their SKATEBOARD DEMO AT Snowta NYE

Jack Olson of Real Skateboards & Circa Footwear

Jack Olson of Real Skateboards & Circa Footwear

What are Cal Surf's & 3rd Lair's plan for the skateboard demo at SnowtaNYE?

We will be setting up a small street course and inviting our team to come out and ride.  The 3rd Lair team includes some of the most talented skaters to ever come out of MN and we will be bringing out the best of the best.  This includes well known riders like Jack Olson (Real Skateboards, Circa, Rockstar, Thunder, Spitfire, etc), Jonathon Reese, Cody Davis, and more.  Our plan is to have the crew ride throughout the night, feeding off the hype and energy that a crowd and festival of this magnitude will produce.  Knowing just how good these guys are, we know they will provide a great show for all in attendance.  

How do you feel the local music scene has impacted skateboarding in the Twin Cities?

I think most people who ride find inspiration in other art forms - especially music - which provides the soundtrack to our experiences on a board.  In the Twin Cities specially, music and skate have had a very similar trajectory.  Both are very strong communities that have been built on grassroots efforts by those who live and love the lifestyle.  There is so much talent and passion involved in these scenes that I feel like people in other areas, especially within the midwest, find themselves wishing they had what we have.  It feels very authentic and exciting - we are lucky to be a part of it!

Both Cal Surf & 3rd Lair have been around for decades, what is the secret to your local success?

The biggest thing for us has been staying true to ourselves and what we are trying to accomplish.  We are simply people who grew up in the Twin Cities and were lucky enough to find skateboarding.  This gift has defined who we are - which bleeds through in everything that we do. It is something we are all thankful for everyday and our goal is simply to try and help inspire as many others as possible to ride skateboards in order to share that gift with as many as we can.  I think this is obvious to most who know us and I think it is appreciated.  That has translated into a level of support that has kept us operating for 20 years.

What plans do you guys have for the skateboarding scene in 2017?

We are committed to continuing to target barriers that prevent people from falling in love with skateboarding.  This includes advocating for more access throughout as many communities as possible in the form of better public skateparks.  We will continue to work with youth to create opportunities for them to learn skills and overcome fears.  We will continue to maintain our indoor facility, add new obstacles and change layouts, and stock a huge selection of skateboards in our store.  We have a ton of ideas to drive an increase participation with women, people who live in rural MN, the inner city, and other under represented demographic groups and areas.  To sum it up - we are committed to maintaining a skateboarding first mentality and utilizing our skills and reputation to enhance and grow the scene as much as we possibly can.