612brew at Snowta NYE FESTIVAL

We spoke with Ben Quam, head of sales for our local brew sponsor 612brew, about their story, involvement with SnowtaNYE, & the future of the brewery...

What is 612Brew all about?

612Brew is all about Minnesota. It was the first area code for MN, and remains the area code for the city we work in. We wanted the world to know there's a little bit of Minneapolis in every sip.

Why do you think 612Brew is a good partner for Snowta NYE? 

After DJing for 17 years, the music community here is in my blood. I also believe in partnering with other diligent, positive people to make MN a better place to live, and a better place to party! I mean, good music and good beer? C'mon, what else do you need??!

What do you think is up your sleeve for 2017?

Snowta NYE is just the beginning. These men and women have built something HUGE, and 612Brew is looking to do big, big things with them in 2017. Festivals, concerts, weekends, just you wait!

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