1. When was the first time you performed in Minneapolis? 

We’ve been coming to Minnie since like 2009! I think the first time was opening for STS9 at First Ave! We had a great show and ended up coming back and playing a sold out show at the Cabooze! That place was incredible! 

2. What is your favorite part about performing in Minneapolis or the Midwest in general?

Almost from the get go we realized there was something VERY special about Minnesota & the midwest in general.  The people were always extremely welcoming, friendly and ready to get loose! You guys love to get down!!! What we noticed though was unlike some other parts of the country there was like 0 angst, or a weird like sceney vibe.  Everyone was just there appreciating music and having a great time! We’ve fallen in love with the middle of the country :)

3. With the new album, how has your live performance evolved? Any special plans for NYE?

Playing Brighter Future out live has been so much fun! Its really awesome seeing the kids react to the new music, singing lyrics, raging during the drops etc etc! As far as New Years Eve, we always do a little something special & have actually been talking about doing something in Minnie for like years & years so we’re so pumped Snowta is having us out! 


4. Are there any other acts on the SnowtaNYE lineup that you are excited to watch perform at the Minneapolis Convention Center? 

Definitely!! Theres a ton of great acts! Haven’t seen Tipper in forever so that will be nuts!! Waka is on our new track Highly Possible so it’ll be dope seein him!


5. What are you guys most excited for in 2017? 


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